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Somerville Boxing Club is a tight-knit community of boxers, trainers, and members of all ages and abilities. We offer training, conditioning, competition, and support to help our members achieve more, both in and out of the ring. Our whole-athlete approach has helped hundreds dig deep, get in shape, find their grit and reach their goals.

  • Keith Rubino Keith Rubino
  • JD Debski JD Debski
  • Norman "Stoney" Stone Norman "Stoney" Stone
  • Mazac Gambardella Mazac Gambardella
  • Shea Shea
  • Fran Hennessey Fran Hennessey
  • Mike Feeney Mike Feeney
  • Joe Joe
  • Nicki "Smiles" Colecca Nicki "Smiles" Colecca
  • Cully Curran Cully Curran
  • Alex Rivera Alex Rivera
  • Jake Detar Jake Detar
  • Richie Richie
  • Khiry Todd Khiry Todd
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